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Risam For Show started business in the theatre with theatre mechanics and scenery handling, successively expanding and establishing itself in this field, working with the most important Italian musical productions, concerts and plays.

Our new carpentry-construction department, the expansion of the in-house sewing shop and the most recent addition – the 3D stage design department whose plotters give life to polystyrene creations – have made this possible.

Risam For Show also has an in-house design and development sector which allows us to develop rendering, graphics, architectural designs and stand set-up for conventions and events.

The experience we have gained in the performing arts sector, our in-depth knowledge of the most sought-after materials and technical solutions as well as all their possible applications, has also allowed us to establish ourselves in the field of exhibitions and trade fairs, such as Reberger’s ON OTTO for the
Prada Foundation or the construction of the white cube in the Church of San Stae for the Venice Biennale, hosting the works of Rondinone and Fischer as well as the design and creation of particularly scenographic stands for trade fairs and conferences.

Risam For Show’s current Mission is to supply high quality solutions that transmit strong emotions, assisting our clients in their choices from start to finish.


RISAM FOR SHOW Srl has been working in the field of entertainment since 1990. We started off with stage mechanics – that is everything that regards electrical operation, from drive mechanisms of the podiums to curtain raising equipment. In 1990, Risam participated in the reconstruction of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan as far as drive mechanisms for the podiums and scene assembly are concerned.

During the course of the years, our experience has also taken us into the fields of stagecraft and music concerts, where we have supplied dozens of computerized hoisting systems, both cable and chain, which have given life to a large number of concerts and musicals among the most important on the Italian and worldwide musical scene.

Among our most important, recent works, we would like to mention the supply of all the theatrical drapes and the computerized drive equipment for curtain raising for the musicals Notre Dame de Paris and Tosca Amore Disperato.

In the fashion sector, in 2001 we participated in the construction of Maison Armani’s new theatre in Via Bergognone in Milan, taking care of the complete hoisting and lighting systems.

In the sector of theatrical draperies and soft goods, on a daily basis we supply prestigious theatres such as La Scala of Milan, the Teatro Regio in Turin and Parma and the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome among others.

For these theatres we create house tabs, backdrops and the various types of drapes in our in-house sewing shop.

Risam For Show also plays an active part in the television sector, collaborating with Rai and Mediaset, supplying stage design solutions for various shows and programmes.

Recent jobs include the supply of stage elements and theatrical draperies for Teo and Mai dire le Iene.

Last, but not least, we also work in the sector of trade fairs and fashion shows, interfacing with a large number of design studies and service companies in order to give life to architectural and scenic ideas.